Announcing the Math Society at the University of Washington

Love math? You don't have to be a math major or minor to join!

I've worked with several students and faculty in the past few weeks to bring a math club to the University of Washington - Bothell. Today I'm announcing our formation and inving all readers that are students at UW to join. It's really easy!

Just click here!

Posted by Skip | 5/09/2014

Signal Processing

A fun visual relation

Posted by Skip | 2/27/2014

Happy Valentines Day!

You cannot model a heart without mathematics! I came across this demonstration on Wolfram Mathworld today while trying to find the sextic equation for a heart. I would have plotted it with Plot3d myself if I could have solved for z, but alas, I could not.

Eat it up, you love birds |Posted by Skip | 2/14/2014

Know Thy Complexities!

Someone has made a really nifty table of complexities for a few operations on various data structures.

First Post about Computer Science!! |Posted by Skip | 2/10/2014

Compressing a spring

here's a double helix with varying frequency:

Posted by Skip | 2/08/2014

A wind map of the Earth

Today I came across this awesome wind map of the entire world. It's quite an enchanting visualization of data!

Seattle Area

Posted by Skip | 1/26/2014

Concentric Spheres

Posted by Skip | 1/11/2014

A conch shell

Trivially described in spherical coordinates

The conch shape is given in spherical coordinates by relating the radius to phi.

Posted by Skip | 1/11/2014


Gleaning insight from limited data with inference

We infer things all the time in our day to day lives. Sometimes we base our decision making in hastily gathered data. In times like this, it's good to be able to connect the dots. Here we do just that with mathematica, hashing out what surface might be described by the data provided.

When dealing in sets of coordinate pairs in two-space, we can use a degree (n + 1) polynomial to fit a curve through n points.

Posted by Skip | 1/11/2014

A wavey sphere

A blob from outer space that eats graphics cards

This fun shape comes to us courtesy of the Wolfram documentation for parametric plot 3D. Here, we manipulate a wavey sphere.

Posted by Skip | 1/11/2014

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